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Your Guide to the Magswitch Magnetic Tools Range

magswitch magnetic tools

Whether you work in the welding and fabrication industry, woodworking, carpentry, or in a workshop where heavy or manual lifting of metal materials is required, you would love the Magswitch magnetic tools range! These awesome magnets switch completely on and off, and offer a more efficient & safe set up, allowing you to finish your jobs more quickly.

This blog post is your ultimate guide to the Magswitch magnetic tools range – keep reading to learn more about which tools are suited to a variety of industries.


Welding & Fabrication

Magswitch offers a variety of tools to assist the welding and fabrication industry. Fixturing, weld grounding, mounting, work holding, positioning, fitting, and many more applications are performed significantly faster with the Magswitch products. Let’s have a look at the products we stock at MSA Magnetics and how they can help you:

Magswitch Ground Clamps

Designed for welding applications, the Ground Clamps provide instant ground on a flat surface or pipe. The finned design lowers the temperature of the unit by almost 27%, allowing welders to quickly set up, weld and move on to the next job.

Magswitch MagSquare

Used for work holding and fixturing, the MagSquares can align and secure flat or round pieces of steel to fabricate angles. Pull corners, secure steel for cutting, use as a guide, make your own fixtures and more!

Magswitch Angle Tools

The Magswitch range of Mini Multi Angle work holding magnets offer you more angles in one product than any other magnetic angles. They stay clean and shut off completely! Sizes available: 45/135° + 60/120°+ 75/105° + 90° angles.

Magswitch Pivot Angle

The Magswitch range of Pivot Angles includes angles from 22 to 270 degrees. Each axis features a Magswitch with a 90kg hold capability. A single pivot point is located on the elbow, and the elbow joint locks and unlocks quickly with a lever. The dial on the elbow features indicators every 5 degrees. On each axis a Magswitch is exposed on a side to enable the tool to secure to a table or wall, while simultaneously holding the work piece. Perfect for repetitive work on uncommon angles.

Magswitch Boomerangle

The Magswitch BoomerAngles offer virtually unlimited angles and are equipped with a rotating MagSquare at the end of each axis. Not only do they have a fixed 90-degree angle on the inside and outside, but they are also adjustable to any angle in between! Featuring the benefits of Magswitch including incredible power and precision control, Magswitch BoomerAngles are easy to use and can be used with larger and heavier steel.

Magswitch 90° Fixed Angle

The 90° Fixed Welding Angles are incredibly powerful, give you excellent precision control, and can be used with larger and heavier steel. All Magswitch 90-degree angles allow you to reposition the magnets up or down on each axis or reverse from outside to inside. If you want more strength, just add more Magswitch MagSquares.

Magswitch MagDrill

The Magswitch MagDrill Disrupter 30 allows you to drill on curved and flat surfaces quickly and safely. The magnetic base requires no electricity for a controlled, powerful hold on a wide range of steel thicknesses – thick to thin!

Magswitch Ground Clamp

Magswitch Ground Clamp


Woodworking & Carpentry

Magswitch MagSquare

The above-mentioned Magswitch MagSquare replaces fences, jigs, and other conventional devices, and improves the safety of woodworking tasks.

Magswitch MagSquare

Magswitch MagSquare


The Magswitch Lifting Magnets are designed to move heavy steel sections, beams, and components. These magnets allow for operators to lift steel material safely and easily on and off trucks, cutting beds, guillotines, saws, etc., and therefore effectively reduce WHS risks such as back injuries.

magswitch mlay lifting magnet

Magswitch MLAY Lifting Magnet


Fixture & Mounting

The Magwitch Fixture & Mounting tools offer incredible strength & precise positioning! These magnetic helping hands are great for making your fixtures & supporting guides or walls.

Magswitch Mag-Utility Hook

The Magswitch Mag-Utility Hook is the perfect “helping hand.” Quickly and easily hang tools, lights, support wires, air hoses, ground lines and more, right where you need them. The magnets are great for keeping hoses and lines off the floor for a safer work environment.

Magswitch MagMount

The Magswitch MagMount is a single lever operation switchable magnet that allows for easy movement and placement of a tool. The two top mount magnets are ideal for supporting fixtures over a distance. The fixed bar magnet is for flat steel and the swivel bar magnet is for round or uneven shapes.

Magswitch MagWheel

The Magswitch MagWheel offers powerful connection for drive units on any ferrous surface enabling flat, vertical, or inverse travel. This magnet suits a variety of applications, including positioning and guiding, sheet feeding, pipe handling, fitting and fabrication, and numerous OEM automation and fixturing applications. The MagWheel can be fitted with drive units for mobile applications, and results in efficiency, new applications, and productive solutions.

Magswitch Mag-Utility Hook

Magswitch Mag-Utility Hook



The Magswitch products for infrastructure applications are designed to handle flat, round, pipe, hot, and dirty steel safely. Our material handling and alignment products drive speed, efficiency, and productivity in shipyard applications, city jobs such as lifting manhole covers or valve boxes, underwater jobs such as tethering or welding, etc. The simple ON and OFF patented magnetic technology makes everyday steel handling jobs faster and safer! Let’s have a look at the magnets designed for these tasks:

Magswitch Extenda-Lift

The Magswitch Extenda-Lift allows you to pick up and move steel without bending over and using your hands, offering convenience and safety advantages. You can pick up plate, pipe, or steel scrap metal off the floor with ease, as well as hot, sharp, or dirty steel material without touching it, making this design great for cities and utilities.

Magswitch MagDolly​

The Magswitch MagDolly is collapsible, has 2 solid rubber wheels, and is designed to lift and carry heavy sheets, pipes, or any steel objects over a greater distance. This magnet is great for moving heavy manhole covers – no more getting down on your knees or pinching your fingers!

Magswitch MagReach

The Magswitch MagReach is a No-Touch tool which eliminates the need to touch sharp, dirty, or hot materials. While using this magnetic tool, you can pull parts off the burn table while standing on the side, instead of jumping on top. This tool significantly reduces the need for bending over and risk of back injuries, making workplaces safer and more productive. The MagReach is excellent for dragging and guiding heavy sheets and tubes with an extendable handle for varying distances.

Magswitch MagDolly

Magswitch MagDolly


Specialty Sheet Tools

Magswitch offers awesome Sheet Handling tools! No more back-breaking Manual Heavy Lifting Sheets – simply activate your Steel Sheet Lifter, lift, position or align the steel, deactivate the magnet & you’re done! It can’t get much easier than that!

Magswitch Sheet Handler

The Magswitch Sheet Handler enables you to pivot and lift a sheet up and onto a wheel so it can be dragged or moved. This is a perfect tool if you need to lift and slide one sheet over another.

Magswitch MagPress

The Magswitch MagPress offers a simple way to align sheets and press beam. Aligning large sheets with precision can be very time consuming, and the MagPress will save you time with this task! Featuring 500kg of hold force instantly, this tool uses magnetic force and leverage and will allow you to align two sheets and weld them together much more quickly than with other methods. By turning the handle to the other side, this tool becomes a beam press tool which can press a 4-6” beam in a second! This product gives you two functions in one simple tool!

Magswitch MagPress

Magswitch MagPress


We hope you found this guide to the Magswitch Magnetic Tools Range useful. For any questions or quotes, reach out to our friendly team!


MSA Magnetics – Your Source For Force.

Are you aware there are deep field and shallow field Lifting Magnets available?

Deep field (Passive Shunting) Lifting Magnets have been used for many decades in Australia. In the last ten years shallow field (Active Shunting) Lifting Magnets have been gaining in Popularity.

To understand why we need to look at the differences and what that means in the workplace.

Deep field magnets are generally durable robust pieces of equipment, but many people are not aware that they will only lift their advertised capacity at the depth of their magnetic field.

This depth varies between sizes. An average PML 500kg magnet has a 40mm deep field. This means it is only rated to lift 500kg if the material you are handling is 40mm thick. If the material is 20mm thick this 500kg magnet is rated to lift 350kg.  A 1-tonne deep field magnet typically has a 60mm deep field, so on 20mm material thickness, it is rated to lift 350kg which is the same as a PML 500kg magnet.

A shallow field magnet rated to lift 400kg has a 12.7mm deep field so it can lift 400kg of 12.7mm material. When you are handling 20mm plate it is still rated to lift 400kg.

Interestingly, most deep field magnets are not rated to lift material less than 10mm thick while many shallow field magnets are rated on material as thin as 0.5mm thick.

So, what that means in the workplace when you are using deep field magnets, is there is more potential to mismatch the magnet to the load.

A mismatch like using a 1-tonne PML with a 60mm field to lift 15mm plate will result in the lever being very hard to actuate and very hard to turn off. The lever will be very forceful on release resulting in a risk of wrist injuries.

Furthermore, a calculation is required by the operator to ensure the magnet is rated to lift the material at the given thickness.

Using a shallow field magnet on material from 0.5mm to 25mm thick will ensure that the levers actuate in a gentle manner, reducing potential wrist injuries while reducing the risk of operator error due to misunderstanding their magnets capacity on various thickness’s.

At MSA we supply both types and are looking forward to offering advice on which type suits your requirements.

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