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Top No-Touch Tools for Manufacturing & Fabrication Industries

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No-Touch Tools are extremely useful in improving safety, efficiency and productivity in the manufacturing and fabrication industries. Using no-touch tools hand lifters for load guiding materials handling is an excellent choice for increasing safety in the workplace and preventing hand injuries.

Listed are some of our top no-touch-tools for the manufacturing & fabrication industries:

Fixed Hand Lifter and Hand Lifter 60-M

These hand lifters are the most popular no-touch hand-lifting tools.

While both the Fixed Hand Lifter and the Lifter 60-M are available with 106kg of force, the Fixed Hand Lifter also has an option of 177kg of force and has better wrist control, making it a safer choice for handling.

Hand Lifter 60-CE (Cordless Electric)

The Hand Lifter 60-CE is perfect for sheet metal workers handling large volumes of thin gauge metal.

This speedy magnet will pay for itself in no time. The Hand Lifter 60 Cordless Electric comes with a holster, a charger and two lithium batteries. Each charge is good for 1000 lifts.

Dual Hand Lifter

The Dual Hand Lifter allows two people to handle material heavier than one person is allowed to lift. It can also allow one person to safely handle material that is light, yet dimensionally large.

Mag-Reach 400

Our newest no-touch tool released in 2021, the Mag-Reach 400 is specifically designed for use on burn tables.

Something that makes the Mag-Reach 400 special is that the strength of the magnet breakaway force is 181 kg, and the extendable handle gives the option to pick up the middle of skeleton/nest without extending over the burn table. It also gives the option to walk on the burn table and pick up cut pieces from the burn table without bending, reducing risk of both hand and back injuries, which are the most common injuries in the workplace.


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Are you aware there are deep field and shallow field Lifting Magnets available?

Deep field (Passive Shunting) Lifting Magnets have been used for many decades in Australia. In the last ten years shallow field (Active Shunting) Lifting Magnets have been gaining in Popularity.

To understand why we need to look at the differences and what that means in the workplace.

Deep field magnets are generally durable robust pieces of equipment, but many people are not aware that they will only lift their advertised capacity at the depth of their magnetic field.

This depth varies between sizes. An average PML 500kg magnet has a 40mm deep field. This means it is only rated to lift 500kg if the material you are handling is 40mm thick. If the material is 20mm thick this 500kg magnet is rated to lift 350kg.  A 1-tonne deep field magnet typically has a 60mm deep field, so on 20mm material thickness, it is rated to lift 350kg which is the same as a PML 500kg magnet.

A shallow field magnet rated to lift 400kg has a 12.7mm deep field so it can lift 400kg of 12.7mm material. When you are handling 20mm plate it is still rated to lift 400kg.

Interestingly, most deep field magnets are not rated to lift material less than 10mm thick while many shallow field magnets are rated on material as thin as 0.5mm thick.

So, what that means in the workplace when you are using deep field magnets, is there is more potential to mismatch the magnet to the load.

A mismatch like using a 1-tonne PML with a 60mm field to lift 15mm plate will result in the lever being very hard to actuate and very hard to turn off. The lever will be very forceful on release resulting in a risk of wrist injuries.

Furthermore, a calculation is required by the operator to ensure the magnet is rated to lift the material at the given thickness.

Using a shallow field magnet on material from 0.5mm to 25mm thick will ensure that the levers actuate in a gentle manner, reducing potential wrist injuries while reducing the risk of operator error due to misunderstanding their magnets capacity on various thickness’s.

At MSA we supply both types and are looking forward to offering advice on which type suits your requirements.

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