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MSA FRAS Cable-Mate

The new FRAS Cable-Mate is a high temperature and heavy-duty version of our standard Cable-Mate Magnetic Lead Holder.

The materials in the FRAS will not cause a spark, mitigating the risk of dangerous dust explosions in mining environments.

The MSA FRAS Cable-Mate features a high-strength rare earth magnet which will hold to any magnetic steel surface. Simply attach the magnet to the magnetic surface and direct your cables and leads through the yellow strap.


    Pricing for these products is P.O.A. Please contact us with information of your application to receive a no-cost, no-obligation quote.

    Note – MSA Magnetics is not authorised to, and does not, recommend magnet solutions for human consumption food applications. Expert advice must be sought for such applications from recognised and approved providers of solutions for food applications. MSA can assist with names of these providers.

    Magnet Sales Australia retains Intellectual property rights on this Magnetic Pulley conversion design and new systems of the same. Any infringement of such will be pursued to the full extent of Intellectual property Law.


    • Complies with FRAS (Fire Resistant Anti-Static) requirements for mines and confined spaces.
    • Suitable for high temperature and heavy-duty applications.
    • Highly visible safety yellow strap with reflective sticker.
    • Supports 6+ cables



    Product Code: MSAFRCM10

    Supports Weight: 25 kg (±5%)
    Dimesions: 100 x 220 mm


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