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MSA manufactures and supplies magnetic separators to suit many industries, including mining, recycling, plastics manufacturing, agriculture, and many more. With decades of experience, MSA is well-placed to provide the advice you need to select and operate your magnetic separation equipment.

MSA offer rare earth, ceramic-ferrite, and electromagnet solutions.

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    Pricing for these products is P.O.A. Please contact us with information of your application to receive a no-cost, no-obligation quote.

    Note – MSA Magnetics is not authorised to, and does not, recommend magnet solutions for human consumption food applications. Expert advice must be sought for such applications from recognised and approved providers of solutions for food applications. MSA can assist with names of these providers.

    Magnet Sales Australia retains Intellectual property rights on this Magnetic Pulley conversion design and new systems of the same. Any infringement of such will be pursued to the full extent of Intellectual property Law.

    Overbelt & Suspension Magnets

    Our self-cleaning magnets are designed, tested, and assembled in Australia using as many local components as possible. We take extra care to use locally sources non-proprietary bearings and motors. This is because we know many of our customers operate in regional or remote area’s and need to be as self-sufficient as possible. We understand downtime costs you money and things need to happen fast.

    Magnetic Head Pulley Conversion

    MSA Rare Earth Magnetic Pulley Lagging is the most powerful in the world and on average twice the power of our competitors. MSA apply a proprietary RE80 magnet conversion system to convert your existing head pulleys into high strength magnetic head pulleys. This enables the increase of unwanted tramp iron and metal fragment removal from your product lines without manual labour.

    Electro Magnets

    MSA offer Overband, Hogger and Lifting Electro Magnets to suit your application.

    Drum Magnets

    MSA offer Ceramic Ferrite and Rare Earth options for agriculture, mining, and more.

    Grate Magnets and Drawer Magnets

    MSA design Grate and Drawer Magnets for many industries and applications. We offer manual and automated options. Whether it’s product purity or machine protection, we have an option for you.


    Draw on our years of experience supplying magnets to agricultural applications. Probe Magnets, Bullet Magnets, Bar Magnets, Plate Magnets, and more.

    Sweeper Magnets

    Whether it’s an airport, sporting field or a mine site, a beach rake or a road sweeper you want to protect, MSA can supply stock units or design custom Sweeper Magnets to suit your needs. We have experience in many applications and offer permanent and electro magnet options. Contact MSA today and speak to a specialist in magnetic equipment.

    Beach Rake Magnets

    MSA offer Beach Rake Magnets to capture stainless steel tines that break off of beach rakes. Contact us today with details on your beach rake model for advice and a free quote.


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