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Lifting Magnets

Lifting Magnets


MSA Magnetics provides both Active Shunting (Shallow Field) and Passive Shunting (Deep Field) Lifting Magnets. 

Lifting magnets will achieve different hold forces depending on the thickness of the steel it is in contact with. It is important to select your lifting magnet based on the weight and thickness of the material handled, as different types of lifting magnets have different capabilities. 

Read our blog post to learn more about the difference between Shallow Field (Active Shunting) Lifting Magnets and Deep Field (Passive Shunting) Lifting Magnets. 


    Pricing for these products is P.O.A. Please contact us with information of your application to receive a no-cost, no-obligation quote.

    Note – MSA Magnetics is not authorised to, and does not, recommend magnet solutions for human consumption food applications. Expert advice must be sought for such applications from recognised and approved providers of solutions for food applications. MSA can assist with names of these providers.

    Magnet Sales Australia retains Intellectual property rights on this Magnetic Pulley conversion design and new systems of the same. Any infringement of such will be pursued to the full extent of Intellectual property Law.

    Shallow Field (Active Shunting) Lifting Magnets are becoming increasingly popular as they are easy to use, reduce risk of operator error and can lift material as thin as 0.5mm. 

    MSA Magnetics stock Magswitch MLAY Lifting Magnets and Magswitch CE Magnetic Lifters. 

    Deep Field (Passive Shunting) Lifting Magnets are generally durable robust pieces of equipment, but will only lift their advertised capacity at the depth of their magnetic field. Therefore, a calculation is required by the operator to ensure the magnet is rated to lift the material at the given thickness. 

    Explore the MSA Pro-Lift Lifting Magnets range.


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