No-Touch Tools are extremely useful in improving safety, efficiency and productivity in the manufacturing and fabrication industries. Using no-touch tools hand lifters for load guiding materials handling is an excellent choice for increasing safety in the workplace and preventing hand injuries.

Listed are some of our top no-touch-tools for the manufacturing & fabrication industries:

Fixed Hand Lifter and Hand Lifter 60-M

These hand lifters are the most popular no-touch hand-lifting tools.

While both the Fixed Hand Lifter and the Lifter 60-M are available with 106kg of force, the Fixed Hand Lifter also has an option of 177kg of force and has better wrist control, making it a safer choice for handling.

Hand Lifter 60-CE (Cordless Electric)

The Hand Lifter 60-CE is perfect for sheet metal workers handling large volumes of thin gauge metal.

This speedy magnet will pay for itself in no time. The Hand Lifter 60 Cordless Electric comes with a holster, a charger and two lithium batteries. Each charge is good for 1000 lifts.

Dual Hand Lifter

The Dual Hand Lifter allows two people to handle material heavier than one person is allowed to lift. It can also allow one person to safely handle material that is light, yet dimensionally large.

Mag-Reach 400

Our newest no-touch tool released in 2021, the Mag-Reach 400 is specifically designed for use on burn tables.

Something that makes the Mag-Reach 400 special is that the strength of the magnet breakaway force is 181 kg, and the extendable handle gives the option to pick up the middle of skeleton/nest without extending over the burn table. It also gives the option to walk on the burn table and pick up cut pieces from the burn table without bending, reducing risk of both hand and back injuries, which are the most common injuries in the workplace.


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MSA Magnetics – Your Source For Force

Hand Injuries

Many Australian companies have a strong focus on reducing hand and wrist injuries. They may be interested in an Active Shunting Magnet due to it’s more gentle actuation. Deep Field Magnets can be quite forceful when being turned on and off, particularly when it is operating too far from its maximum magnetic saturation thickness. For example, a 3-tonne Passive Shunting Lifting Magnet is not rated for use below 30mm and is a happier operation in the 50mm-80mm range.

The other reason Active Shunting Magnets are good at preventing hand injuries is to have no residual magnetism. This eliminates the requirement to remove swarf and grit from the bottom of the magnets between lifts thus reducing the risk of laceration type hand injuries.

Do you intend to lift material less than 10mm thick?

If so, be aware that many Passive Shunting Magnets are not rated for it. The two main reasons are that you have to apply so much force to the handle that the magnet can be damaged and once the magnet is actuated, so much of the flux is wasted below the sheet metal.


If you’re using the magnet to lift sheet or plate off a stack, you’re most likely better off with a Shallow Field to reduce the chance of picking up multiple pieces.

Preventing damage to Materials

Does the material have to be handled carefully to reduce the risk of scratching it? If so an Active Shunting Magnet with zero Residual Magnetism is the way to go. See our video on Residual Magnetism for more detail on this.

Handling billet or very thick steel 40-80 mm plus

A Passive Shunting Magnet is usually a good choice and really come into their own here. Just ensure that the magnet has a two-action control that prevents accidental discharge as per the Australian standard. We see many for sale in Australia that doesn’t.

We are not playing favourites here, we highly recommend our Passive Shunting Prolift range, they are robust and dependable. We also really like the Active Shunting Magswitch products for their technology and all the solutions they offer.

At MSA we want to see the right magnets used for the job, safely and at the best price whether it’s a Prolift or Magswitch MLAY.

Contact MSA today for advice on selecting the right Lifting Magnet for your application.

Passive shunting Magnets achieve their full hold force between 30mm – 80mm thick while most Active Shunting Magnets are achieving their full hold force between 9mm and 20mm. This is the range of thicknesses that are most commonly handled.

What that means is that at some thicknesses of an enormous Passive Shunting Magnet has less hold force than a small Active Shunting Magnet.

With that in mind, let’s compare some costs of the two types based on lifting material from 10-40mm thick.

Note: We are not including material thickness less than 10mm as most Passive Shunting Deep Field Magnets are not rated for it.


Some takeaways from this are that using a powerful Passive Shunting Magnet on thin material is expensive and that using smaller Shallow Field Magnets on 10mm and 20mm material can be an economical option.

It’s important to consider that selecting the magnet best suited to the thickness of materials you intend to handle, reduces the risk of operator error.

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Ever heard of Residual Magnetism? What is it, and how does it affect your Lifting Magnets?

Residual Magnetism occurs when a magnet fails to turn completely off. The magnetic flux is a result of a circuit being created between the rare earth magnets inside and the steel body of the magnet. The level of Residual Magnetism depends on the Shunting Technology and the overall design of the magnet.

These next 3 magnets are a good example of Residual Magnetism found in lifting magnets and why magnets with no Residual Magnetism are the safest option:

Extreme Residual Magnetism



Low Residual Magnetism



No Residual Magnetism



MSA Pro-Lift and Magswitch Lifting Magnets are designed to have a clean break of magnetic flux at the OFF position. We ensure the highest industry safety standard of our industrial Lifting Magnets while making sure they are easy to use!

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These MSA Magnetic MIG & TIG Torches are a must-have for your welding station! They can be fixed to the welding bench or work surface to allow convenient and handy torch location.


MSA Magnetic MIG-Mate:

MSA Magnetic TIG-Mate:

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MSA Magnetics provides a wide range of tools to improve the safety, efficiency, and productivity of industrial operations in the metal fabrication, lifting, and woodworking industries. The Magswitch magnets have many advantages, ranging from safety benefits to reducing downtime. These switchable magnets also have durability and speed on their side.

More and more companies are looking to reduce hand injuries by prohibiting employees and contractors from using their hands to guide loads around their factories and trucks. As this “No-Touch” Policy has become mainstream, MSA Magnetics has been approached by many companies to supply No-Touch Tools for guiding steel objects under load.

MSA’s No-Touch Tools allow the performer to work safer and be more productive as the tools help save hand and back injuries, and save time! The line-up consists of:

Magswitch Extenda-Lifts: Allows users to pick up and move hot, sharp, and dirty steel without bending over and using their hands.

Magswitch Hand Lifters: Ideal for small steel handling, dragging sheet, picking, placing and pulling parts out of burn table or handling scrap, without using your hands.


Magswitch MagDolly: This product has large solid rubber wheels and is suited to lift and carry sheet, pipe or any steel object over a greater distance. Again, no need to bend over or use your hands.


The range doesn’t end there… We are the industrial magnet experts. If your requirements have anything to do with magnets, we can provide the solution that works – Contact us today!


The new FRAS Cable-Mate is a high temperature and heavy-duty version of our standard Cable-Mate Magnetic Lead Holder.


The MSA FRAS Cable-Mate features a high-strength rare earth magnet which will hold to any magnetic steel surface. Simply attach the magnet to the magnetic surface and direct your cables and leads through the yellow strap.


Part #:  MSAFRCM10
6+ cables
Support Weight: 
100mm W x 220mm H

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The MSA Magnetic Brooms & Sweepers are the ideal solution for safe, fast, and easy collection of swarf!

Magnetic swarf is a problem that most of us experience. Not only is it a mess on your factory floor, but it can also cause a lot of harm. Objects can get into product lines, puncture tyres, and even injure personnel. MSA provides a large range of magnetic broom solutions – from light brooms for general use to heavy-duty sweepers for large-scale operations.


MSA Magnetic Forklift Sweepers are powerful, permanent magnets ideal for the removal of sharp iron objects from roads, parking areas, loading docks, and other important traffic areas – greatly reducing the risks of costly damage to tyres and injuries by nails, scrap iron particles, staples, etc.


To remove collected fragments, simply pull the handle on the top of the sweeper and metal fragments will drop off.


Cleans in an instant – a real industry favourite!

The Super Sweeper is the quick and easy option for removing metal pieces such as nuts, bolts, rivet ends, screws, drillings, and swarf from workshop and factory floors.

So if you are sick of tyre punctures, you can learn more or purchase these magnets here…or you can contact our friendly team here if you have any questions.