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MSA Stock Feed Magnet Retrieval System

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Foreign tramp iron and metal fragments in stock feed can cause injuries to farm animals and handlers, cause customer complaints, and can also damage expensive processing equipment.

MSA’s Stock Feed Magnet Retrieval Systems comprises of powerful Overbelt Suspension Magnets and Magnetic Head Pulleys. Used in combination, these two magnets have numerous advantages, some of which include:

  • Help maintain and increase the value of the stock feed
  • Increase product purity and final product protection
  • Reduce liability
  • Protect expensive processing equipment, such as chaft cutters
  • Protect livestock from injury

The MSA Stock Feed Magnet Retrieval Systems have been known to reduce reject bales by 75-90% and customers have reported filling at least 1 x 44-gallon drum with recovered tramp metal within one month.


Image of MSA Overbelt Suspension Magnet

    • -Australian Made
    • -Engineered for use in stock feed production
    • -Weather resistant
    • -Scalping magnet easily discharged using proprietary stainless-steel draw system
    • -Cost-effective long-life option for steel separation




Image of MSA Magnetic Head Pulley

    • -High energy RE80 Rare Earth magnets
    • -Design assists with conveyor belt tracking
    • -Reduces belt damage
    • -Highly effective magnetic field design for maximum lower burden penetration

MSA Magnetics can supply complete new Magnetic Head Pulleys or can convert your existing Head Pulleys into Magnetic Head Pulleys.

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For more information on how you can reduce tramp metal in your stock feed production, or to request a quotation, please contact the MSA team of engineers.

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