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Magswitch MagDrill Wins Award!

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Magswitch Technology’s first drilling tool has won an industry innovation award at the 2016 Annual Pro Tool Innovation Awards (PTIA)! The newly-released MagDrill has been specially designed for pipe drilling and hole cutting on flat and round material. Incorporating Magswitch Technology’s patented shallow-field magnet technology and a patent-pending pivot base, the tool effectively handles pipe inner and pipe outer with ease. Its superior grip enables it to deliver better results on thinner steel than other competitor drill bases.

This competitive category was judged by a panel of professional tradesmen on their level of innovation, power & value. The panel was made up of industrial contractors, builders and experts in the plumbing, electrical, MRO & concrete fields. The award-winning tools were described by Clint DeBoer, PTIA’s Executive Director, as “the tools that should really be in every tradesman’s toolbox”.

The PTIA judges said that “Magnetic Drill Presses are a compelling tool class by nature, and Magswitch offers features on the Disruptor 30 that are pretty attractive, it comes in under 25 lb. Anytime weight drops in a tool without sacrificing quality, it’s a good thing for the end-user. We also really like the ability to turn magnets off individually to help with setup for a tool that’s often used in less than ideal positions. Those magnets also swivel so you can work on flat or rounded surfaces without the need for an adapter plate.

Whilst this is the first time Magswitch has entered the tool category, Magswitch’s Chief Executive Officer, David Morton, was not surprised it came home with an award. Morton says that “We are very excited, but not surprised, that the Disruptor is being awarded. The MagDrill offers superior performance on round and thin material, coupling our patented shallow field magnet technology and our patent-pending pivoting base. The award is a testament to our engineers. To enter a highly competitive tool category and get it right with our first tool is a great accomplishment. Magswitch is changing the way pipe drilling and hole cutting is done.”

The Magswitch MagDrill is available in Australia from MSA Magnetics. For more information, please visit the Magdrill product page or contact us here.

MSA Magswitch MagDrill
MSA Magswitch MagDrill
MSA Magswitch MagDrill
MSA Magswitch MagDrill

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